Poems of October 7th

October 7th Project gives a poetic voice to the attack on Israel. Ten Hebrew poems written following the events were chosen by Poetry Place to be translated into four languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. The project was launched in honor of the 76th Independence Day of Israel.

Project Editing: Gilad Meiri  |  Production: Merav Pitoun  |  Coordinator of the Hebrew Poetry Treasury website: Shira Meiri  | Head of the Literature and Theater Desk, Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Revital Ben Naim

Makom LeShira in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

משרד החוץ

Roni Eldad

What do you see: hot air balloons, I see, birds screeching, feathers, feathers on the hatches, a father with a

Yuval Gil´ad

Human Nature On motorcycles in the Gaza Envelope At dawn, Shootings of joy To be something that slaughters Like in

Avishai Huri

Merciful God will send us a full recovery He will put infants back to sleep He will turn back time

Gilad Meiri

They cut your biography half-way, didn’t let you complete it. Maybe that is why I can’t manage to sum you

Agi Mishol

Now that death creeps all around and the pecans are bursting their shells, I hide within Hebrew. Nothing will befall

Tal Nitzan

And without it being explained to them how As if they knew it from generations before, from birth, They shrank

Aharon Shabtai

The horror the dreadful disaster disgrace fractions of folly dumb religion obscurity of eyes violent despair won't repair, no officer

Noa Shakargy

The name comes first First name: angel, last name: prophet With such a name is it any wonder you came

Ronny Someck

If the Barbie that was dropped Between the pillow and the blanket Had a voice, she would probably have sung

Maya Tevet Dayan

**Trigger Warning: Saturday **Trigger Warning: Kibbutz **Trigger Warning: Lawn **Trigger Warning: Party **Trigger Warning: Baby **Trigger Warning: Door **Trigger Warning: